Ghosts, Smiles, and Nine Inch Nails

Things have been rolling pretty smoothly lately. Other than a lack of uninterrupted sleep due to intense nightmares, I’ve been pretty happy for the most part.

I’ve been promoting the absolute hell out of Moving Through lately and booking events for this Summer, including signings and readings around Ohio and surrounding areas. Since most of the promotional videos and materials I’ve posted lately have been intentionally vague, I decided it would be a good idea to share a little bit of the book with you.

You can listen to an excerpt from Moving Through called “The Smile Game” here. Pardon my raspy voice; I was screaming along to Nine Inch Nails in the car earlier that day.

Speaking of music…I’m going to see Ghost play in Toledo next week! I’ve been a fan of theirs for a little over a year, and I especially like their music videos. Their new album sounds great so far, and I’m hoping they play some new stuff at the show.

I treated myself to some new music this past week. After several weeks of working 16-20 hours every day, whether it be at my various day jobs or on an upcoming project, I really need some rest. However, I really, really suck at resting. If I’m not working on something new, anxiety takes over, which is great for production but bad for my overall mental health. I bought the album “The Fragile” by Nine Inch Nails as well as “We Are Chaos” by Marilyn Manson, and although the former is incredibly depressing music, I’ve been enjoying both albums. “We Are Chaos” is Manson’s best album in over a decade, and regardless of what’s going on in his personal life, I really respect him as an artist.


As an added bonus to everyone who orders their copy of Moving Through directly from my website, I’m including exclusive details on my next book, Parasitic Host, including the full cover image. I’m excited about this one, because it’s incredibly different than anything else I’ve worked on, and although it’s a very funny book, it’s also got the tastiest horror scenes I’ve written.

I received an email from The Coshocton Tribune this morning letting me know they’ll be running a story on the book soon, so if you live in the 740 area, keep an eye out. I’m very grateful for all the media attention the book is getting. Less than a week left until the release date!

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