On the Road

I’ve been gone for a bit, and my mind’s coming back in increments after a pleasantly exhausting month without much sleep, so I figure now’s a good time to check in with you.

I’ll have a table set up at the Scares That Care Authorcon this weekend, and I’m packing the car up to hit the road tomorrow morning with my friend Brent Winzek. Brent’s the creator of the Space Cadets radio drama and one of my best friends for over a decade.

I’ll be selling copies of my novels Moving Through and Birthday Girl, both of which have been getting great reviews lately. I’m excited to reach a new audience.

Copies of both books are available on Amazon as well as here on my website. If you prefer, there are also ebooks available.

Hope to see you this weekend!


Cover art reveal for my next book COMING TOMORROW!

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